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Neon Limelight’s 18 Favorite Albums Of 2012

Pink – The Truth About Love: Pink earned her first No. 1 album with The Truth About Love, and that distinct honor couldn’t have been given to a better album. With the help of collaborators Lily Allen, Nate Ruess of fun., and Eminem, Pink makes even the ugly side of love sound as fun, peppy, and beautiful as the pretty side on her ferocious fifth album.
4 Tracks You Need To Know: Blow Me (One Last Kiss), Just Give Me A Reason (featuring Nate Ruess), Try, Here Comes The Weekend (featuring Eminem)

Carly Rae Jepsen – Kiss: Carly Rae and her team have mastered the art of the perfect pop song. The result is an album packed with back to back to back pop hits. While some fans (and haters) may be too tired of “Call Me Maybe” to give this album a chance, we firmly believe they are missing out on one of the best pop albums of 2012 if they don’t.
4 Tracks You Need To Know: Hurt So Good, Beautiful (featuring Justin Bieber), Guitar String/Wedding Ring, Turn Me Up

Christina Aguilera – Lotus: Things were a bit rough during her “Bionic” era but Xtina is back and stronger than ever on “Lotus.” She mixes genres and showcases those epic pipes on an album the solidifies her place as one of the best vocalists of our generation.
4 Tracks You Need To Know: Red Hot Kinda Love, Blank Page, Circles, Just A Fool (featuring Blake Shelton)

Adam Lambert – Trespassing: Fiercely funky with tracks like “Trespassing,” “Shady,” and “Kickin’ In,” and beautifully vulnerable with songs like “Broken English,” “Better Than I Know Myself,” and “Outlaws Of Love,” Adam’s sophomore album is a deliciously diverse set that dives into just about every genre you can think of and every mood you can have.
4 Tracks You Need To Know: Trespassing, Kickin’ In, Naked Love, Broken English

No Doubt – Push And Shove: The return of No Doubt was easily one of the brightest moments of 2012. Push And Shove, the band’s first album in a decade, saw Tony, Adrian, Tom and Gwen updating their sound just enough to be relevant and fresh while keeping their signature mix of pop, rock, ska, and reggae intact.
4 Tracks You Need To Know: Settle Down, Looking Hot, Undercover, Sparkle

Taylor Swift – Red: Taylor absolutely slayed the charts with the release of “Red” and there’s a reason for that: It’s a fan-freaking-tastic album. She delivers pop goodness while maintaining just enough of her country roots to keep her core fan-base happy.
4 Tracks You Need To Know: Red, State of Grace, Everything Has Changed (featuring Ed Sheeran), Treacherous

Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire: There’s a reason Alicia’s latest set is titled “Girl On Fire.” AKeys has seemingly returned with a new fire and spark inside that’s allowed her to produce one of her best albums since 2007’s “As I Am.” Filled with soul, hip hop and pop, the album simply dazzles from top to bottom and shows why Alicia is still one of the best artists of this generation.
4 Tracks You Need To Know: Fire We Make, One Thing, Limitedless, Tears Always Win

Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dream: You’d think it would be hard to follow up such an impressive debut album like “All I Want Is You,” but Miguel was able to do it with an even more impressive set. He fuses soul, pop and even rock to create an album more than worthy of the praise it’s garnered.
4 Tracks You Need To Know: Adorn, Arch & Point, Use Me, The Thrill

Rihanna – Unapologetic: Rihanna may be one of the only artists who can match quality with quantity. With brash hip hop joints, heartfelt ballads, and a controversial nod to Michael Jackson featuring her ex/current flame Chris Brown, her seventh album in as many years manages to be one of her best — and one of her most honest — albums yet.
4 Tracks You Need To Know: Numb (featuring Eminem), Get It Over With, Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary, Nobody’s Business (featuring Chris Brown)

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  1. Love Adam Lambert! “Shady” should be a top pick too!

  2. Adam Lambert- Trespassing album is incredible!!! I’m so addicted to it!! best album in years!!!

  3. trespassing, the best album of 2012 . adam lambert is the best!!!

  4. Adam has produced the most incredible album in the year 2012. He is receiving acclaim from all over the world and his fans are expecting the year 2013 to be the most exciting time for him, He is the best live entertainer and the most talented vocalist.

  5. Eriskay Cavan says:

    Trespassing is one of THE best I have heard in years!!
    Adam Lambert does not disappoint. I have a few favorites, like
    Trespassing, Shady, Naked Love, Broken English, Take Back
    Chokehold, Runnin’ Nirvana……Oh, why don’t I just admit
    I love them all!!

  6. Trespassing was my favorite album of the year…..I listen to it everyday. There is no other album in the world I can say that about!

  7. Trespassing is an awesome album! Looking forward to what else Adam Lambert can produce in the future – you can never tell what he’s going to do LOL Hope he goes more rock I feel his vocal chops get wasted sometimes – altho the musics good – just would like more of that great rock wail we know he can do! Pinks album is great too!! The girl can do no wrong in my eyes!! Carly Rae Jepson & Lana Del Ray tho??? ReallY? Oh well. Can’t agree on everything I guess…

  8. Adam Lambert’s Trespassing is my choice! It never gets old! Each song, including the bonus tracks, are exciting to listen to and I do that often! Adam has magic in his style and voice! The album makes me dance my ass off on the light side to emotions of love and tearing my soul a part on the dark side! Bonus tracks are beyond belief with lyrics that I so relate to like Take Back and Runnin and the texture of Adam’s voice is beyond compare!! Underneath just tears me to shreds! Adam makes life richer with the passion he brings to his music! Yea, this is definitely my favorite of 2012!!

  9. Trespassing by Adam Lambert is my choice. He put his heart and soul into this album and it shows.

  10. Many good choices. Can’t say I’ve heard them all or that I agree with all of them-personal preference. Enjoyed Ed Sheeran and Pink. Absolutely loved Trespassing by Adam Lambert. Favorite tracks: Runnin’, Underneath, Pop that Lock, Cuckoo and Better Than I Know Myself- Oh, let’s face it, loved them all. Kickin’ In was initially my least favorite, but now I love it too! Need to hear these tracks on radio!

  11. Trespassing is such a great album. I have it playing somewhere…in the house, in the car, earbuds…everyday. And, everyday a different song is my favorite because the album is about human emotions, fun, fantasy, dance, attitude, and relationships. But no matter what’s going on in my life that day, Pop That Lock, is my “go to”. It just pushes all the right buttons for me. Adam Lambert, Trespassing, perfect!

  12. “Trespassing” was definitely my favorite album of this year. It has music full of energy to dance to and the other side is heart wrenching ballads that made me tear up. Even the bonus tracks on the deluxe album are great. Runnin and Nirvana are fantastic songs. My favorite ones so far are “Cuckoo” “Shady” “pop that Lock ” “Broken English” “Underneath” “Chokehold” “Outlaws of Love” and “Kickin in”.

  13. adamluv1000 says:

    Trespassing album should have been nominated for a Grammy. Shady is my favorite song.

  14. Loved Adam Lambert’s Trespassing album! All the songs are great for every mood, but Kickin In and Chokehold get extra love.

  15. Miguel! Yes!

  16. I really do like Adam Lambert… Trespassing Album, I have it…


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