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Video: Nicki Minaj Talks American Idol Fight, Performs On Jimmy Kimmel Live

nicki minaj talks idol fight on jimmy kimmel live

Nicki Minaj

American Idol viewers got to see the headline-making drama (the very edited version anyway) that happened between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj at the Charlotte, North Carolina auditions when they finally aired this week. When Minaj dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live for an interview and to perform, the rap star explained her side of the story.

“I just felt like Randy and Mariah were like almost forcing her to say ‘I’m sorry. You know what, I want to be a country singer,'” Nicki said. “And you know what, If you don’t want to be a country singer–I mean granted, she wasn’t that savvy but she said something she probably shouldn’t have said, whatever–but she was telling the truth in the fact that she doesn’t want to be a country star. So why would we force that just because you hear it that way?”

Despite the highly publicized blow up, Nicki says she wouldn’t say she doesn’t like Mariah but she does feel that MC may not feel the same way she does. “I definitely don’t think she likes me,” she said with Jimmy agreeing with that assessment. When the incredibly messy question of “who would win in a fist fight” gets asked, Nicki says she never fights with fists. Instead, she uses “whatever weapon is handy.” Not the best response since Nicki has come under fire for reportedly threatening to use a gun on Mariah. Realizing the poor answer choice, Nicki laughs it off: “Wait, don’t tell anyone I said that because then there’ll be another Barbara Walters interview.”

Besides the American Idol drama, Nicki talked about he recent trip to Dubai, giving her fans nicknames and then performed “Va Va Voom” and “Freedom” from “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Reup.” Watch the videos below.

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