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Video: Justin Bieber Talks Believe Acoustic, SNL; Makes Out With Mannequin On ‘Fallon’

Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez who? Justin Bieber was giving lip service to another girl(-like thing) during his appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

While playing a game of dunk the random object, a mannequin head wearing a wig and Brooklyn Nets cap caught Bieber’s eyes… and lips. The pop star made out with the toy before trying to dunk her through a basketball hoop, making us and everyone else watching very uncomfortable.

Biebz also had some business to discuss during his Fallon visit. He chatted about his new album, Believe Acoustic, his excitement over hosting and performing on Saturday Night Live this weekend, constantly being pulled over by the police, and his “Lil” group of friends.

Watch Bieber on Fallon below:

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  1. oo por ke no me besa hasi ami a sirto por ke no me connose jaja

  2. oo I’m doing like I’m not me wrist wall is not worth one day I have to go through that justin ke taught me to never say never and ja ja justin conoser I’ll promise you my love and this video on the ke kisses the doll I repeated a lot of times haha

  3. Justin Bieber should have Taylor Swift on SNL. The two could discuss their counseling expertise on relationship building solutions. The Jimmy Fallon show and Justin’s mannequin episode launched the haters and this equated to maximum exposure. I laughed for five minutes. He laughs all the way to the bank. He’s ‘Crazy’, yeah, like a fox. I wonder what the TV ratings will be for SNL when he hosts the show on Feb 9th. I’ll bet everyone watches SNL just for ‘The Bieber Shock Factor’. When he retires from his personal career he will have a new career as ‘The Marketing Genius Manager’ for others. I know I would hire him. Chill. LOL.

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