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New Music: Justin Bieber Treats Fans To Unfinished Song, “You Want Me”

Justin Bieber – Instagram

Justin Bieber knew he had to make it up to fans when a scheduled live chat had to be canned due to technical issues. So the Biebz did the only logical thing to make those millions of upset girls turn their frowns upside down: he got shirtless and gave them new music.

A shirtless Bieber hopped on Twitter’s video service, Telly, to tell his fans he was sorry for the issues, then played a bit of a new, unfinished song called “You Want Me,” on which he croons and raps.

Video: Justin Bieber Performs “Believe Acoustic” Singles On Saturday Night Live

No telling where “You Want Me” will end up when it’s finished.

Watch Bieber debut “You Want Me,” and play around with his little brother and sister, in the video below:

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  1. 60k was not a lot of people, especially against the grammys and a kid that claims to have 40 millions followers. That number is hardly enough to crash ustream, or “not let him in”, He was already in the chat room! Proof is on his twit account. Then he said he had bad internet connection. After hours he posts a less than two minute video??? He obviously isn’t smart enough to make things happen- except chaos – without his handlers. It was nothing but disrespectful last night. ….my final issue was that the page he posted a screen shot of (not the same photo) looked like it had been photoshopped….and not very well. Why do all that lying to hurt fans for a publicity stunt?

  2. JuliaGuliaa says:

    I honestly liked it and i don’t care if people hate him or just think he isn’t good enough because it pushes him to do better that is what haters are for right. I think he deserves more than just negative comments about him because he works hard to be there for his fans and make sure that everyone is happy and i think people should support him more because he does enough for us why can’t he be happy?? I just feel if you don’t like him and you hate him just stop posting about him and stop wasting your time because hating him won’t get you anywhere but just a person who is arrogant and just wants the attention.

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