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Demi Lovato Releases Single Cover, Video Teaser For New Song, “Heart Attack”

Demi Lovato is ready to give her fans a “Heart Attack” with her new single. The singer/actress announced her new song, the first from her forthcoming fourth album, by releasing its sassy single cover and a teaser video.

In the teaser, Demi talks about the inspiration behind her new album. “For a while I could tell that when people would talk to me they knew my story,” Demi says. “I think I’ve opened up more on this album. My life began to evolve and I started to grow. These are songs about the celebration of life and how rewarding it could be. This is what this album is about.”

“Heart Attack” will be released on March 4. The new album follows up Demi’s acclaimed third album, Unbroken.

See the single cover above and watch the teaser, which gives us a teeny, tiny preview of “Heart Attack,” below:

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  1. if its that autotune bull shit like her last album it won’t sell that good. just by hearing 5 secs of that song makes me wanna puke, sorry demi but really stick to the rocker chick not this autotone shit. you sounded better with hits like here we go again and get back. now i really can’t wait for miley cyrus album at least her autone music sounds good.

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