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Video: Mariah Carey Talks ‘Idol,’ New Album, Plays Champagne Pong On ‘Fallon’

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey playing beer pong? You must be insane. A classy diva like MiMi deserves a classier game. So during her appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Mariah and Jimmy indulged in a game of champagne pong. And they were both really, really bad at it. But, of course, Mariah was the victor after a bit of cheatin– uh, rule-bending.

New Music: Mariah Carey – Almost Home

Before her epic victory, Mariah sat down with Jimmy to talk about her American Idol judging gig, her new album, which is on the way “probably [in] May,” and possibly performing with Prince, who was the musical guest on the show, which Mariah says she would be honored to do “any time, anywhere… after three days of vocal rest, humidifiers and whatnot.”

Watch Mariah on Fallon below:

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  1. This just proves Mariah is down to earth, she drink out of the glass with the ball in it, besides all that I’m so ready for the new album to come out in May

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