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The Voice Recap: Sarah Simmons And American Idol’s JPL Dominate As Season 4 Blind Auditions Continue

Sarah Simmons

Night two of The Voice’s season four premiere took place last night (March 26) and the talent got bigger and better during the second round of blind auditions. Coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Shakira and Usher set out to find new acts to fill their teams and came across some great ones–one was even a familiar face from a rival reality singing competition.

Here’s the play by play of the best auditions from night two of The Voice’s season four premiere:

Tawnya Reynolds: Tawyna is country to the core and has been trying to make it big in Nashville for years. Although Nashville’s been tough on her, The Voice is going quite well. She gets three coaches to turn for her (but not Blake!) with her performance of “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys.” Adam and Usher give their best pitch but Shakira has got them beat with her “Country to English” dictionary. Tawnya feels Shakira’s passion and picks Team Shaki for the next round.

Josiah Hawley: Josiah is a hottie hot hot model with a passion for singing. He’s hoping Adam will push his button while he sings Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning.” Blake and Usher love it almost instantly but Adam hesitates. He finally pushes his button for Josiah and the fight begins. “You can pick one of these guys and lose or you can pick me and win,” Levine says. Ooo, no he didn’t! Josiah thinks about it but he’s got to go with Usher. Usher’s so happy about it, he pops and locks in a victory dance.

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Midas Whale: OMG! It’s JPL! You remember, American Idol season three finalist Jon Peter Lewis. He’s teamed up with pal Ryan Hayes to form this quirky folk duo. Knowing duos and groups have a short shelf life on The Voice, they’ve vowed to be the first one to win it all. They hit the stage and kill it with “Folsom Prison Blues,” getting every single coach to turn around. Blake doesn’t want them to screw up their lives by picking anyone other than him and Shakira and JPL make a connection speaking Spanish to each other. Ryan and Jon take a moment to think and end up choosing Adam as their coach.

Cathia: Cathia is pumped about being on The Voice because she feels a coach will know how to help her improve. She decides she’s going to sing in Spanish for her audition but realizes it may be a blessing and a curse since not everyone will understand her and she’ll need to emote that much more. She takes the stage and performs “No Me Doy por Vencido” and gets three coaches to turn for her. Cathia and Shakira hit it off immediately although there seems to be some love for Usher too. Because Shaki sees her being a global star, Cathia picks Team Shakira for the win.

Sarah Simmons: We’re calling it right now! Judging by her a-freaking-mazing audition of “One of Us,” Sarah is going to be a force on this show. Early on in the blind audition, she hits a gorgeous high note that sends Adam and Shakira turning in their chairs. Then a nice raspy yell gets Usher and Blake. They all start gushing over her with Blake calling her voice one of the top three he’s heard audition on the show–big praise from last year’s winning coach. Adam is practically begging her to join his team and appears to be praying while she’s thinking about making her pick. It all pays off for Mr. Levine as she picks Team Adam.

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