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American Idol Recap: Candice Glover Shines Bright During Top 4 Redux

American Idol season 12's top 4 - FOX

American Idol season 12’s top 4 – FOX

Top 4, take two. For the second week in a row, the top 4 American Idol season 12 contestants — Angie Miller, Candice Glover, Amber Holcomb and Kree Harrison — duked it out for a place in the semi-finals. Getting ahead is even more important now. The top 3 contestants get the coveted and always-splashy hometown visit.

The four ladies were asked to perform two song in a then and now theme. Round one was filled with songs from 2013; round two was comprised of old standards. One of our all-time favorite superstar Idol mentors, Harry Connick Jr., was brought in to help the ladies out.

It was an uneven night for most of the girls, but, once again, Candice stood out above the rest. That girl is just too good to be true!

Here’s a rundown of how the top 4 did:

Round 1 – Songs from 2013:

Angie Miller – Diamonds: Angie’s acoustic take on Rihanna’s “Diamonds” started gorgeously. She sounded great singing gently with the piano, but as things picked up, the vocals sounded weathered. And the arrangement? Did nothing for the song. The judges agreed. “I commend you doing an original take on that….but I didn’t feel that was the song to do that to,” Keith said. “It was bland, it was lackluster. You can do a lot better,” Nicki added. “It just didn’t go anywhere,” Randy said. Mariah echoed the rest of the judges.

Amber Holcomb – Just Give Me A Reason: Funny thing about Amber’s performance… she didn’t know the lyrics when she picked the song. Even still, when she was in rehearsals, she sounded great humming the melody and ad-libing. When Amber got on stage, she had the lyrics, but she lost the vocals. She sounded uncomfortable and all over the place. Another performance panned by the judges. Randy said it best: “That was not stellar, and it needs to be stellar at this point for me.”

Candice Glover – When I Was Your Man: Leave it to the diva that is Candice to finally liven things up! Her take on Bruno Mars’ heartfelt ballad was powerful and vocal perfection! She felt the emotional connection in the lyrics, told the hell out of the story, and made us feel it too. “That’s how you sing a song! Congratulations, that was amazing,” Randy squealed. “Candice knows how to take any song and has the musicality to change it and make it suit her,” Mariah added. “That’s a winning performance right there,” Keith said. “That performance actually deserves a standing ovation,” Nicki said, which led to all of the judges standing up to praise Candice.

Kree Harrison – See You Again: Kree’s challenge this week was to connect more to the performance. She kinda pulled it off. She stripped Carrie Underwood’s latest single to its bare bones and belted the hell out of it. Her performance split the panel. Mariah loved Kree’s authenticity; Keith wasn’t too fond of the new arrangement, Nicki felt Kree connected to every single lyric; and Randy ignored everything and focused on the vocals, which he loved. Who cares what they think. Here’s what Carrie had to say on Twitter: “As a songwriter, there is nothing better than to hear someone else’s interpretation of a song you wrote. Thank you @KreeAI12 for that!”

Round 1 totally goes to Candice.

Round 2 – Standards:

Angie Miller – Someone To Watch Over Me: We knew standards would work out better for Angie. She has that clear, pristine, classic voice. It was a job beautifully done. “You sang it so beautifully,” Keith said. “You always put me in the mind of a Disney princess,” Nicki said. “It definitely was better than the first performance.” “That was an amazing vocal,” Randy said.

Amber Holcomb – My Funny Valentine: In an effort to get Amber to understand what “My Funny Valentine” is about, Harry pretty much embarrassed the hell out of her. But it worked. What was once going to be just a technically good performance, was now a passionate, heartfelt performance, thanks to Amber connecting with the true meaning of the lyrics. “Oh my goodness, that was so beautiful, Amber,” Nicki said.

Candice Glover – You’ve Changed: All we can say for Candice’s second performance is WOW. She has such an understanding of her voice and what it can do. She knows she has all that power, but she knows when to hold back and when to let it go. And her ability to connect to a song!? All of the other girls need to sit back and take notes! Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous! “There is no critiquing. The only critiquing is I’m going to download that ASAP,” Mariah said. PRETTY MUCH!

Kree Harrison – Stormy Weather: It was another solid performance for Kree as she took on Lena Horne’s classic. Kree could have propelled her performance from solid to outstanding if she didn’t let Harry get into her mind. He kinda made her shy away from the bluesy runs she would have normally given the song. All of the judges were on the same page. They disconnected with the song choice, saying it didn’t allow her to get as bluesy, but they were good with the vocals.

Amber came back strong, but round 2 belonged to Candice.

Predictions: The bottom two will more than likely be Kree and Amber. Amber will say goodbye.

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  1. Nosgoth1979 says:

    Candice was the highlight of the night for me. She is simply amazing! And I’m glad I got to see it before I heard spoilers. With Facebook, Twitter, and my friends texting me, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid spoilers on American Idol, so it’s one of those shows I really try to catch live. Last night however, I pulled a few hours of overtime at DISH so I was actually on the train ride home when it aired. Times like these are when I absolutely love DISH Anywhere! And with it, I have the ability to stream all of my live TV channels and/or DVR recordings to my phone, so I was able to catch this show on the ride home, which is a great way to pass the time on an otherwise tedious commute.

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