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The Voice Recap: Michelle Chamuel And Judith Hill Dominate First Live Performances Of Season 4

judith hill the voiceThe Voice season four is now live.

After weeks of blind auditions, battle and knockout rounds, The Voice’s newest season finally went live with the first round of playoff performances last night (May 6). Blake Shelton and Shakira‘s teams got to relax as Team Adam Levine and Usher battled it out with live performances they hoped would be good enough to get them to the next stage of the competition. Only three singers on each team will remain and make it to the top 12.

Here’s what went down when Usher and Adam’s teams took the stage for the first live performances of season four:

Amber Carrington – Team Adam: Amber’s a country singer but she tried her hand at singing Rihanna’s emotional pop ballad “Stay” during her first live performance. Vocally, she sounded great but there was something odd about the delivery that made it sound like she forgot the lyrics in parts. Not a big deal–she still did a great job with it. Her coach Adam gave her a standing ovation and Blake thought she set the bar very high.

 Josiah Hawley – Team Usher: Josiah’s performance of Muse’s “Starlight” was simply awesome. He rocked the stage with his guitar and took Usher’s advice to heart about maintaining breath control throughout the performance. Adam dug it and so did Blake, noting the world is going to lose a male model over this and he’ll have to fill in. Good one, Blake!

Sarah Simmons – Team Adam: Sarah’s been a favorite since her blind audition and she showed just why with her gorgeous performance of “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan. Shakira said she made her feel the performance and thought it was incredible while Adam said she’s “one of the most incredible singers to listen to” he’s ever heard in his life.

Cathia – Team Usher: Ush gave Cathia Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” because apparently he didn’t get the memo that no one should cover this or any of Whitney’s songs ever. Her performance was whiny and she did entirely too much. With that said, it was better than we expected…really because we didn’t expect that much from her. Shakira says she would not have picked the song for her but Blake thought it was really good.

Caroline Glaser – Team Adam: Caroline isn’t a powershouse singer but she has an adorable voice and it worked incredibly well on Ed Sheeran’s “A Team.” Blake didn’t know the song (booo to him!) but he enjoyed it and so did Usher.

Vedo – Team Usher: Vedo gets major points off for never hearing of Phil Collins and a few more points come off for his pitchy performance of “Against All Odds.” Couldn’t tell if Shakira liked it but she mentioned the crowd loving it and Adam liked everything but the fact that Vedo isn’t on his team.

Michelle Chamuel – Team Usher: Usher picked a great song for Michelle with Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors.” She got vulnerable and really delivered an emotional and stunning performance. Shakira thought it was authentic and Adam thought she had a real moment.

Judith Hill – Team Adam: So the song choice was pretty predictable but Judith’s performance of “Feeling Good” was undoubtedly a standout for the night. “You’re such a freakin’ diva,” Blake said. Usher said she “took us to church” and Adam did nothing but gush about his artist.

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  1. MARTIN S says:

    SACHA ALLEN’S “Oh, Darling” left Judith in the dust!!

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