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American Idol Recap: Candice Glover, Angie Miller, Kree Harrison Compete For Spot In Finale

American Idol season 12 top 3 - FOX

American Idol season 12 top 3 – FOX

And then there were three.

The top 3 American Idol season 12 finalists went head to head to head last night as they fought to claim a spot in the finale. The three ladies — Angie Miller, Candice Glover, and Kree Harrison — had a packed week. Not only did they get to visit their hometowns (and bring back incredibly moving footage!!!), they had to learn three songs to perform.

The first of the three rounds consisted of songs chosen by Idol’s resident record exec mentor Jimmy Iovine. Round two was packed with songs chosen by the four judges, Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, and Mariah Carey. And round three, the silliest of them all, were songs chosen by the production team. K.

Here’s a rundown of how the top 3 handled the task:

Round 1 – Jimmy’s Pick

Kree Harrison – Perfect: Kree’s rendition of Pink’s “F*ckin Perfect” was far from perfect. She lacked the power to sell the song and stumbled over a few lyrics toward the end. It was just OK. “I didn’t love that song so much for you…you sounded good on it… but it kinda laid a little flat for me,” Randy said. Truth spoken.

Candice Glover – One: As usual, Candice offered up some diva-sized vocals for her take on U2’s hit. It wasn’t her best performance ever, but it was another solid one to add to the long list this season. “Miss Ma’am, you are on your way. You are a diva. You did it justice,” Nicki said of Candice’s performance after wondering if it’d live up to Mary J. Blige’s version of the song. The other judges followed suit with the praises.

Angie Miller – Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word: Not to be outdone, Angie took full advantage of her performance. Instead of running straight for her piano, she decided to let her vocals take center stage and just sing. Beautifully. “I think you did a good job holding back on this,” Randy said. “I felt like this was one of the best performances I’ve seen you do,” chimed Mariah, who loved that Angie did away with the piano. Keith was “emotionally affected” by the performance. Nicki, on the other hand, wasn’t moved emotionally, but thought it was a “stellar vocal.”

Round one? Angie.

Round 2 – Judges’ Pick

Candice Glover – Next To Me: Emeli Sande’s “Next To Me” is a great song. But the song for Candice? No way. She sounded great, but it didn’t really go anywhere. And not because Candice didn’t try, but because that song doesn’t have anywhere else for her voice to go. The judges loved it though. An emotional Nicki summed up the thoughts of the entire panel: “I am so proud of you. Congratulations.”

Angie Miller – Try: The judges did a better job picking Angie’s song, but she didn’t exactly run with it. She looked like a star performing and the vocals on the verses were good, but the choruses were really weak; she kinda sounded winded. The judges didn’t see it that way. They loved the vocal, but especially loved how “comfortable” she looked on stage. Randy topped it off with his signature phrase: “She’s in it to win it!”

Kree Harrison – Here Comes Goodbye: Kree was back in her element with Rascal Flatt’s big ballad. And boy did she sell it. Big vocals and lots of passion. Kree is back! “This was one of your best performances to date because you felt every word,” Nicki said.

Round two? Kree.

Round 3 – Production Staff Picks

Angie Miller – Maybe: For her final song of the night, Angie had the second Emeli Sande song of the night. She chose to sit at her piano for this performance, but it didn’t really fit. Doesn’t matter. She sang her face off.  “Tonight, you became a complete performer,” Randy said. “Your growth has surpassed my expectations,” Nicki added.

Kree Harrison – Better Dig Too: Another song to keep Kree in the country zone. But it wasn’t the right tempo. Kree has the same problem Carrie Underwood had during her season. She a great singer, but a performer she is not. She had no spunk, no fire, no nada even on an feisty song such as this one. Like Carrie, though, we fully expect Kree to improve. But maybe not in time to win. “I like that song, but I don’t know if that’s the place for you,” Keith said, saying she set the bar so high with her last performances. “That’s not your comfort zone,” Nicki said. “Whoever picked that song for you should be stoned.” “Your voice is just way too big for that kind of a thing,” Randy added.

Candice Glover – Somewhere: And they saved the best for last. Candice had been having a pretty off night. Mostly because of the song choices. Not her fault. The blame is on Jimmy and the judges who picked for the first two rounds. But all was forgotten with this number. Holy smokes, Candice slayed the ever loving hell out of that song. The control, the power, the divaliciousness!!!! Simply incredible! One of her best performances of the season! Standing O from all four judges. “If you don’t wanna vote for Candice, call your doctor. You probably don’t have a pulse,” said Keith. “Four words: see ya next week!” Nicki declared. “She had one of the greatest vocals in Idol history. Guess what? She’s got another one!” Randy shouted. “You’ve shown everybody you can sing anything any day of the week,” Mariah said. “A+ amazing!”

Round three? Candice all the way! And, like Jimmy said, with that song, she won the night.

Predictions: This is gonna be a Candice/Angie finale. Bye Kree. :(

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