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New Video: Mariah Carey Featuring Miguel – Beautiful

Mariah Carey and Miguel in "Beautiful"

Mariah Carey and Miguel in “Beautiful”

Mariah Carey just dropped the music video for her Miguel-assisted new single, “Beautiful,” and it’s a sexy one. MiMi dons the skimpiest leather ensemble she could find to cruise along on the back of Miguel’s bike just as the song says. Things really heat up in the next scene as Miguel sits back in a gorgeous red convertible while Mariah plays his private dancer.

“Beautiful” leads Mariah’s highly-anticipated new album, due this summer.

Watch the video for “Beautiful” below:

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  1. Jane Rockwell says:

    I was stunned at the trashiness of Mariah’s video. I have watched Idol all season and thought that they might have better taste to put something like that at 7-8PM when young girls would be watching. But then, all season, she has worn terribly revealing tops that were no better than the video. I think that I may change my viewing habits for next year…………..

    • Couldn’t agree more! I’m a 7th grade teacher and I was very disappointed in seeing something so provocative on the show. Glad I wasn’t the only one out there that thought it was inappropriate.

      • Eleanor says:

        I switched channels halfway through the video. Bad move American Idol putting that video on with the young audience you draw. Even worse move Mariah….time to act your age and have a little “class”…

  2. Love it!! Beautiful song.

  3. krisanne says:

    Mariah’s video just added to the many reasons I don’t like her. Being on AI showed who she truly is. Her video is just short of soft porn, she can’t dance to save her life- which must be why the entire video has about 4 or 5 steps and just keeps repeating them. I give her “props” for her body looking good, but PLEASE LOSE THE HAIR! When she does her spins, the hair looks even worse. She’s actually a cute girl, she’s got an adorable loving husband, two darling children, and a great career. Why is she so insecure that she needs to make a trash video like that and behave the way she does on Idol? Just because she’s wearing expensive clothes and jewels doesn’t change the fact she looks and acts like ghetto white trash. Sad.
    That video was totally inappropriate for PrimeTime Family viewing.

  4. I couldn’t agree MORE! I accident just came across her video and was literally thinking- why did she not just go into porn? It’s not even sexy, it’s embarrassing to watch. I was embarrassed for her! She’s a damn mother now! And she has a husband! How would he feel about her flashing her skin coloured undies while she private dances for a man????? And they way she tried to move all sexy but it just looked like a clueless hoe trying to get attention? I’m embarrassed for her children! Isn’t she supposed to be a role model for her daughter???

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