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Video: Angie Miller Performs With Adam Lambert And Jessie J On American Idol Finale Results Show

angie miller adam lambert idol

Angie Miller and Adam Lambert

Angie Miller might have come in in third place during the show but she got winner level duets for her American Idol finale performances tonight (May 16).

Angie started out her two performances on the live finale results show with a beautiful duet featuring American Idol season 8 breakout star Adam Lambert. The two performed a simply gorgeous, piano-driven version of David Guetta and Sia‘s “Titanium.” Adam sweetly sang along with Angie, making sure not to overpower her and let her shine. Their harmonies? To die for!

After her stunning duet with Adam, Angie got the chance to perform with her personal idol Jessie J. The two gave a super cute performance of Jessie’s “Domino.” Since Angie had to forego performing her new single “You Set Me Free” to perform with Jessie, the British pop star invited Angie to sing the song at one of her shows in the UK. Angie accepted the offer of course.

Watch Angie’s duets with Adam Lambert and Jessie J below.

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  1. Just watched video of performance of Titanium with Adam Lambert and Angie Miller and for me it was the highlight of the night. These two made what was an OK song beautiful. Adam let Angie shine and did not try and outsing her. However duet with Jessie J was just opposite. Jessie did try to overpower Angie and did. I haven’t been a fan of Jessie and I guess what happened tonight is the reason why. It’s all about her everytime she performs. Whomever set up having Angie duet w JJ right after her duet with Adam has no class. It was just plain rude. Mariah and NM showed their ignorance also by not giving Angie and Adam a SO but gv Angie and JJ one. Poor taste. The duet with Adam was by far the best performance of the show tonight and song was way too short. This is last season I’ll watch this show.

  2. omg adam & angie singing titanium was breathtaking! chills!

  3. Did anyone else get the feeling that AI decided the star of the season was Angie? To heck with the voters – they’re banking on the white girl who’ll look cute in videos. Whatever.

  4. Agree with Sherry and lissy above – Adam and Angie sang an exquisite duet and then it was overshadowed by the loud, coarse Jessie J – too bad.

    Well, the only reason I tuned into Idol was Adam and, unless he’s on again, this is the last time I’ll be watching the show.

  5. Adam and Angie flawless. Adam is a first class gentleman who held back vocally to let Angie shine. Angie and Jessie not as good. Adam is a true star. He is humble and drop dead gorgeous and a beautiful human being. This duet was the highlight of the Idol season. J Lo and Pitbull’s trashy number showcased J Lo’s lack of class. Adam is one class act. He knows who he is and doesn’t have to steal the show. He is a true performer.

    • Couldn’t agree more Kat. Angie and Adam were beautiful together. He is one in a million. The highlight for me for sure. Why as you have mentioned do the likes of J.Lo etc get so much kudos, so baffling.

  6. Adam is just a perfect gentleman. And great singer!

  7. maryann says:

    Adam’s duet with Angie was superb! He was totally gorgeous and i couldn’t take my eyes off him. His voice mesmerized me. Adam did not overpower Angie, such a good and humble person. I just did not like it that the other singer took the stage right after him. The only reason i watched the finale is because of Adam Lambert!

  8. I watched the Idol finale last night – just to watch Adam Lambert (the best singer in the world).

  9. Beautiful duet between Adam Lambert & Angie. She has a lovely voice and Adam was exquisite. I love seeing him hold himself back to allow others to shine and the harmonies and chemistry between them was awesome. He is the best person in the world to duet with. BUT I was totally disgusted with the treatment he got. No introduction at all, no acknowledgement. Ignored by the host & judges. Why did they want him back on the show if that’s how they were going to behave towards him. They don’t deserve him – and they were lucky he ever went on their show back in S8.

  10. It would have been nice at least to mention Adam Lambert by his full name, not just Adam …

  11. number8gurl says:

    Agree with everyone else. Adam and Angie stole the night. Angie is the real winner this season. She has the most talent and the only contestant out of the whole bunch who showed ANY artistry on stage. The rest (including the winner) were just karaoke to me.

    Now back to Adam and Angie….Adam was such a gentleman letting Angie shine in her moment and I was blown away by his ability to harmonize….though not surprised because he is such a phenom….there’s nothing he can’t do with his voice and although he has had extensive vocal training what he has can’t be learned, he was born with a very special gift but I would be remiss not to give some credit where credit is due here and that goes to Adam’s parents. Not only did they nurture his gift but they raised him to work hard, believe in himself and to be a kind and humble person <3.

    It was a beautiful performance and the chemistry between them was palpable. Angie will have a huge career. Her original song 'you set me free' is fantastic. She's only 19 years old! Wow!

  12. number8gurl says:

    Clearly there are some Glamberts who are never satisfied and always want to portray Adam as a victim. Apparently some people don’t understand the dynamics of a “surprise duet” (which is what was stated by Ryan after Adam’s package was aired the previous week). That’s why Adam’s name wasn’t mentioned when Angie was introduced. It’s called A SURPRISE! The LARGE MAJORITY of the viewership did not watch the pre-show stream and only Adam’s die-hard fans knew he was performing…so it actually WAS a surprise to MOST people. Adam is a household name on American Idol and does not need an introduction. It’s very annoying that some of you like to live your life like someone pissed in your cornflakes every morning. You don’t represent Adam’s fan base well. This was Adam’s 4th consecutive appearance on Idol since his season. The only other Idol alum who have been invited to appear on the show every year since season 8 besides Adam are Kelly and Carrie. I say he’s in pretty good company and this was a POSITIVE appearance for Adam.

  13. Angie and Adam. The real winners. The real professionals. The true talent.

  14. Adam Lambert….the greatest vocalist of our era! Keep your eye on this guy!

  15. Have to hand it to Lambert giving up world wide fame and limiting his career all to denote his sexuality

  16. ANGIE Miller & Adam Lambert sang so beautifully in their duet performance ‘Titanium’.
    It was a definite ‘goosebump’ inducing performance!
    They both are so professional in their manners, their charisma & appearance! Great combo of vocal talents*
    I also enjoyed the high energy performance of Angie & Jessie J–You could tell they were having a great time and brought the crowd to their feet–‘high energy!’
    Contestant Angie Miller has a ‘STAR’ written all over on her forehead. LOVED all her performances this season–LOVED Adam during SEASON 8****


  1. […] Video: Angie Miller Performs With Adam Lambert And Jessie J On American Idol Finale Results Show […]

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