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Video: Avril Lavigne Performs “Here’s To Never Growing Up” On ‘Today’ Show

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne‘s youthful state of mind was very evident this morning when she appeared on the Today Show. The punk-pop princess was super peppy at the early hour while fielding Matt Lauer‘s ridiculous questions (“What are you trying to say in the song” he asked of “Here’s To Never Growing Up.” “Uh, I don’t really wanna grow up…” Avril quipped) and performing her new single.

New Video: Avril Lavigne – Here’s To Never Growing Up

Watch Avril perform on Today below:

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  1. I just wanted to say that Avril Lavigne needs to do the world a really big favor and drop dead because her new hit single, “Here’s To Never Growing Up” speaks the truth about her. I don’t care if Avril is only being herself, She needs to grow up and stop acting and dressing like a wild teenager because she isn’t a wild teenager anymore. She is already a grown woman who will be 29 years-old on September 27th., and needs to learn to act and dress like it because she can’t go around acting and dressing like a wild teenager for the rest of her life. The day that she becomes a, “Rock chick” or a, “Skater chick” who sings and writes Rock music will be the day when pigs fly because not only that she fakes her way on playing the guitar by playing only a few cholds on it, also because she doesn’t know how to ollie and she doesn’t know how to do any tricks on a skateboard. I don’t like listening to her music at all because Pop music isn’t the kind of music that I like listening to. The kind of music that I like listening to is Alternative, Heavy Metal, and Punk/Rock. I don’t have any respect for her as a human being at all, and I never will because she is nothing but an immature and an annoying little brat who always craves for a lot of attention by acting like a rebel in her music videos. I don’t find her physically attractive either, and I never will because she looks like a plastic Barbie doll who always likes to wear a lot of heavy eyeliner and mascara. End of story.

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