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The Voice Results: Judith Hill And Sarah Simmons Sent Home After Shocking Elimination

top 8 eliminations the voice

Holly Tucker, Amber Carrington, Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons

Team Adam Levine suffered a shocking blow when not one but two of his artists were eliminated during The Voice’s live results show last night (May 28).

In a surprising turn of events, early standouts Sarah Simmons and Judith Hill, both on Team Adam, got the boot during the elimination show. Both artists took risks with their top 8 performances with Hill performing a rearranged version of Will.I.Am and Justin Bieber’s “#thatPOWER” and Sarah trying Gotye’s”Somebody That I Use To Know,” a song that’s been performed multiple times on the show.

Sarah and Judith appeared to be frontrunners in the competition. Sarah gained praise for her vocal range while Judith, Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour duet partner, wowed with her soulful voice.

Adam’s misfortune was good news for new coaches Shakira and Usher. The pair, whose teams were cut down to one member each, held on to their remaining artists as Michelle Chamuel and Sasha Allen made it to the next round. The news was even better for Blake Shelton as he becomes the only coach to keep all three of his team members. The “The Voice” season four top 6 are:

Team Usher: Michelle Chamuel

Team Adam: Amber Carrington

Team Shakira: Sasha Allen

Team Blake: The Swon Brothers, Holly Tucker, Danielle Bradbery

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  1. I was sorry to see Sarah leave I think she was really good. Shocked that Judith left but felt she really didn’t
    belong in this competion she way to professional for this competion..I wish Michelle left don’t like her at all, not sure way she gets all the raves from the judges. Hope Amber wins .

  2. Susan chandroo says:

    Adam is not disrespecting fans but voicing his anger and hurt since I myself is shocked that of all people Judith Hill did not qualify . She is a superstar she wiped the floor with her last song and I agree with Adam that this sucks so you fickle people stop hating and picking on every little thing He has a right to feel hurt . But don,t worry Adam you are a good person and a great coach and JUDITH YOU ROCK Girl!!!!!!!!
    you are a SUPER star

  3. Susan chandroo says:

    Got a little excited and did not check mistakes on prev post so please excuse me for that
    But I still want to say ADAM showed heart as these singers put their hearts on the line here and do the best they can and just as you all are entitled to your opinions so is Adam He is entitled to a rant because I felt the same way he must have felt both girls deserve to be in the competition but let the chips fall where they may things happen and we move on so MOVE ON PEOPLE ……….BLESS up

  4. Marlena Snowden says:

    This is one of the reasons, I refus to watch these type of shows. Clearly the best singers were Judith, Sarah, Sasha and Holly. The show is rigged. thw winning out come is to be Sasha or Holly. The remaining competitors are not equal to Sasha or Holly. The greatest threat to either of the these ladies were removed on May 28, 2013. No reason to continue to watch the show. It is not an ethical production. One has to consider who is marketable and has stage presence or appeal. If he show is not going to truly promote the Voice and not play politics, what is the point. Is there any thing in real in the entertainment community. I guess not.

    A truly disgusted and disappointed fan. I was hoping The Voice was better than American Idol, but it wasn’t. Politicos afoot and alas let us not forget about the dollar, money to be made or had. MBS

  5. citizen60 says:

    Vocal talent may get the chairs to turn and start one’s journey on this show but obviously being an entertainer requires more than just vocal talent. Judith is wonderfully talented vocally no doubt about it and she will do well as a vocalist but clearly others have connected better with the viewers of this show at this point.

    BTW, blaming results on the country genre and Blake’s country roots is just nonsense. Note that Blake had two previous winners neither of which had a country background. Blake just does a very good job helping his contestants connect on a personal level. For example letting the Swan Brothers do “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes” was risky and brilliant on Blake’s part.

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