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Miley Cyrus “Not That Ratchet,” Did Not Get Butt Tattoo

miley denies behind tattoo

Miley Cyrus – Instagram

Miley Cyrus might love to shake her booty in twerking Youtube videos and at Juicy J concerts but she’s not about to tattoo it.

A risque photo of what sort of, kind of appeared to be a nude Miley sporting a new tattoo with wings on her butt started making the rounds on Twitter and Instagram early this morning (June 12), prompting praise and hate from commentators. Catching wind of the circulating image, Miley quickly corrected the situation.

“I did NOT get a tattoo of wings on my ass hahaha,” Miley said on her official Twitter account. “#notTHATratchet,” she added.

Video: Miley Cyrus Twerks On Stage At Juicy J Concert

While she may not be THAT ratchet, she is a little–especially on her new single “We Can’t Stop.” The Mike WiLL Made It-produced single, which was released last week and is quickly climbing the Billboard charts, will appear on her as-yet-untitled new album due out this summer.

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