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New Video: Miley Cyrus Twerks, Gets (Faux) Ratchet In “We Can’t Stop”

miley cyrus we cant stop video

Miley Cyrus in “We Can’t Stop”

Prepare yourself for all of the faux ratchetness your eyes can take. Miley Cyrus‘ music video for “We Can’t Stop” is here.

To go along with her new badass, ’bout that life persona, Miley fills the clip with the most off the wall, so not shocking anymore behavior. Like this one scene where she makes out with a doll in a pool. And then another where she partakes in her favorite activity: Twerking. Yes, you get to see Miley back her thing up with some other chicks (who have actual booties to twerk by the way).

The video is fun but almost embarrassingly fake. What life is Miley really trying to be ’bout?!

Miley Cyrus “Not That Ratchet,” Did Not Get Butt Tattoo

“We Can’t Stop” will lead Miley’s new album, due out this summer. Watch the video below.

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