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Photos: Miley Cyrus Gets Topless In Raunchy New Terry Richardson Photo Shoot

miley cyrus terry richardson nyc shoot

Miley Cyrus – Terry Richardson

Miley Cyrus is letting it all hang out in a new photo shoot shot by celebrity photographer Terry Richardson. In the shoot, shot in NYC and shared on Richardson’s Tumblr account, Cyrus continues the wild antics that have become oh so familiar in this “Bangerz” album era. She sticks out that famous tongue to lick a mirror in one shot and flashes her nipple in a sheer top in another. She then says goodbye to a shirt altogether and goes topless in another set of photos. The shoot shows more of Miley’s body than many of us ever wanted to see.

The photo shoot creates more buzz in an already jammed week of promo for the former Disney star’s new album. Last night (October 2), MTV aired a documentary on the singer/actress called “Miley: The Movement.” This weekend, Miley will act as the musical guest and host for “Saturday Night Live,” all leading up to the big release of “Bangerz” on October 8.

See a few of the sexy, raunchy, not safe for work images below and see Miley’s full Terry Richardson shoot here.

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  1. Whoooooooooooooooore!

  2. When she has sex on camera with a donkey, then she’ll have gone too far. Until then, she’s hot to trot. Love this little minx!

  3. Liam Hemsworth needs to get on his knees and pray to God every day for saving him from the biggest mistake of his life. She helps the media sell a lot of advertising though and they love her for it because…well, who doesn’t like watching a car wreck?

  4. When she shows so much nudity that nobody even gives a fuck anymore (It’s getting there), then what’s she gonna rely on? How artistic of her to hold a pop can like it’s a cock. WOW, such original fucking talent. /end_sarcasm

  5. Awww,,Why would anyone dislike these pictures,,she’s not the little girl at Disney,,She’s now a very confident,, HOT BABE,,,Nice !! I’ll take her any time you idiots want to get rid of her,,,,And the men and women that talk the shit,,, are really thinking,,,Damn I would do her, yea lb

  6. She knows exactly what she’s doing, guys. She’s being raunchy on purpose to get everyone’s attention, then letting her music speak for her. Bangerz is an awesome album, it really is! Every song is a hit, I promise you.

    I love every thing this little girl does. I’m glad to live vicariously through her. Keep on, Miley!

  7. I don’t understand why she doesn’t just pose completely nude, and spread her legs so everyone can see. It is obviously turning her on to do it, and it’s going to happen… Just do it now, and get it over with…

  8. wt the hel is she doing
    hate hr

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