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Neon Limelight is all about giving you the info you want/need to know about the people in the mainstream music limelight–no matter how bright or dim that light may be….We’ll cover new music, tours, your favorite artists & their lives, fashion, and more. So… Get in the Limelight!

Disclaimer: We strive to bring you nothing but entertaining yet factual content. We will never knowingly post false information without putting a “rumored” or “unconfirmed” disclaimer on the story.

We also do not claim copyright over any music posted on this website. We do not post them for download. Music posted here is stream-only.

We’re anal about crediting people for anything posted on this site that was seen at another. We’d like for you to be the same way. Blogging is a cold world but we can make it a little warmer by simply providing a link-back for lifted material.

Photo Disclaimer: Although Neon Limelight has a staff photographer, we can’t be everywhere. When we can’t be there, we will post pics from photo agencies. We do not claim copyright for any of these photos and credit will be given to the agency.