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Neon Limelight’s 18 Favorite Albums Of 2012

favorite albums 2012

Looking back on the album releases of 2012, we have to admit that it was a good year. A few newcomers hit the scene and made a lasting mark, and some of our favorite artists returned with new classics. Carly Rae Jepsen’s kiss is still lingering on our minds; Frank Ocean made orange one of our Continue

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Fashion Notes: 5 Artists Who Made Music Look Good In 2012

fashion notes 2012

It's a known fact: pop music isn't all about having the right sound, it's also about having the right look. As we say goodbye to 2012 and usher in the new year, we look back on the stars who made the year in music look good. These pop stars have mastered the art of making their images as compelling Continue

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Neon Limelight’s Top 15 Artists Of 2010


2010  could be called the year of the comeback. Or maybe the year of the breakthrough pop star. Or maybe just the year many artists stepped their game up. Whatever you want to call twenty-ten, when it came to pop music, there was no shortage of artists making a name for themselves or making their Continue

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Neon Limelight’s 24 Essential Albums Of 2010


2010 was a pretty good year for music lovers. Some of the biggest names returned to the game with highly anticipated albums. Some of the hottest newcomers released their eagerly awaited debuts. And some of our old reliable artists just continued to do what they do best. Pop, rock and R&B were Continue

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Neon Limelight’s 10 Not-So-Obvious Favorite Collaborations Of 2010


Sometimes less is more. Other times, like in the case of powerful pop collaborations, we have no problem with more being more. 2010 found many stars teaming up for some potent pop magic. From Eminem and Rihanna's "Love The Way You Lie" to Lady Gaga and Beyonce's "Telephone" to Katy Perry and Snoop Continue

Neon Limelight’s 24 Essential Albums Of 2009


A new year and new decade is upon us, but we're still thinking about 2009. Partly because we procrastinated putting together year-end lists, and partly because we're feeling nostalgic. So, allow us to do a bit of dwelling in the past to bring you our list of the 24 essential album of 2009. We're not Continue

//Neon Limelight’s Top 5 Female Vocalists Of 2008//


Our top 5 male vocalists of 2008 caused a bit of a stir. Now it's time to show some love to the ladies who rocked the year with their incredible voices. From the belters to the rockers, 2008 had some of the best female vocalists showing off their pipes. New and established artists got back to doing Continue

//Neon Limelight’s Top 5 Male Vocalists Of 2008//


Here at Neon Limelight we love catchy tunes and the occasional mechanically enhanced vocal performance just like the next blog, but this list is all about the real vocalists--they span many genres but the one thing they have in common is they're artists whose voices give us chills with one note. Continue

//Neon Limelight’s Top Musical Couples Of 2008: Rihanna And Chris? Ashlee And Pete? See Where Your Favs Placed On Our List//


Ahh, love! There's nothing better than when two smoking hot musicians collaborate in and out of the studio. 2008 brought forth some of the hottest musical couples to ever grace a stage. Whether they were getting together for a quick fling, building their puppy love into something more real, making Continue

//Neon Limelight Celebrates The Best Of 2008!//

December marks an exciting time of the year. No matter what your religion or culture, you can find three gift-giving heavy holidays (hey, don't be mad at us because we proudly admit to loving that aspect of the holiday season. Tis far hawt to receive, lovelys!); days are shorter, so the night Continue